Electrostatic discharge protected production area 

To meet our customers' requirements and needs, we have established Electrostatic discharge Protected Areas (EPA) in our production sites in Denmark and Vietnam. We are compliant to IEC 61340-5-1:2017. 

Our EPAs are equipped with modern ESD approved items, such as: 

  • Uniforms with conductive filaments 
  • ESD footwear 
  • Conducting wrist straps 
  • ESD working tables 
  • Monitored temperature and humidity control 

ESD-safe packaging material is available as an option. 

Failure to pay attention to the risk of ESD may result in circuit damage and product failure. To avoid product failure due to ESD and to ensure that we at all times live up to the standard, we have implemented an extensive ESD control programme including a compliance verification plan and training of our employees. 

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