Dkorg 07_18


KNC NF 4680 Web
Kim Nyborg Carlsen
CEO - Managing Director
[email protected]
CAK NF 4711 Web
Charlotte Aahøj Kert
CFO - Finance Director
[email protected]
BAM NF 4388 2 Web
Brian A. Munkgaard
Sales & Marketing Director
[email protected]  
AD NF 4384 2 Web
Annette Dodt
Sales Support Manager Head of Sales Team
[email protected]  
CLA NF 4347 Web
Carit Laursen
Head of Product Development & Technology
[email protected]
LHB NF 4412 Web
Lars Henrik Bondegaard
Logistics & Production
[email protected]
MDL NF 4738 Web
Marianne Dalgaard Larsen
Quality Manager
[email protected]


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