Our values are who we are. They define estron as a company and the employees as the people we are. We work in conformity with these principles always. All employees are well-educated and trained, and the diversified tasks are performed with great motivation and responsibility.

Our values are based on:

1. Cooperation
Team culture; Remarkable results are achieved through co-operation between people who are equal. Cooperation at estron is built on dialogue, trust and mutual respect for one another. We focus on facts and ask questions till we understand. We always know where we are heading.

2. Quality
Quality rather than quantity. estron supply quality solutions. We work actively for organisational learning from experiences and mistakes.

3. Innovation
We develop innovative solutions that create value for our customers. We are receptive to new ideas and improvement proposals.

4. Professional Competency
We use and develop each other's professional competencies. Our employees are highly qualified.

5. Credibility
We take responsibility - we respect our customers, each other, and estron. Commitment - We keep our promises; we deliver the agreed quality and quantity on time.