Hearing Instruments

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estron a/s  develops and manufactures high-quality litz wires, miniature connectors and ultra-fine cables for the hearing instrument and related industries such as the medical and audio industries.

Always searching for optimized solutions, estron a/s actively contributes with new solutions to the market. The ESW™ litz wire for example, developed by estron, has been market standard since 1999. We have an extensive track record with the leading hearing aid manufacturers currently using the ESW™. Our standard wire program includes more than thousands of lead wires under the CPT™, ESW™, and XT-ESW™ trademarks.

For many years, estron has been a preferred development partner and manufacturer of micro plugs and cable solutions for medical devices, especially hearing aids. We call our standard connector system, es-Connect®, a high quality, well proven and very reliable solution.

es-Connect® is based on es-Linum®, a unique high-tech cable, developed by  estron, which is available for different applications.

We deliver standard and customer specified solutions.

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