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The above matrix is an overview of our wire trademarks. Please keep in mind that the construction of the wires always ought to be the determining factor when settling for a specific solution. *All trademarks are available in various colours, lengths, and with short tinning.

Short Tinning

CPT™  (Cut Pre Tinned)
CPT traditional standard wire is our affordable wire series, cut and pre-tinned. Typically used for internal wiring in Hearing Instruments and IEM's. Based on pure copper wire with a single layer of polyurethane enamel.

-  Traditional standard wires
Made from pure copper
Polyurethane enamel
Available in Litz and Solid

ESW  (Extra Strong Wires)
Our most popular wires. ESW wires are pre-cut and pre-tinned high-performance wires for high quality instruments. A double-coated silver-plated copper wire. The polyurethane and nylon top enamel makes ESW an excellent mechanical performer in the mounting process, and less prone to corrosion.

A combination of the best materials and estron's unique technology make ESW Litz outstanding. It has excellent characteristics in terms of flexibility, softness, and fatigue resistance and due to the exact tinning of 0.02" in each end it is very easy to work with.

- High-tech design for high quality applications
- Made from silver plated copper
- Double enamel, two different types of enamel
- Available in Litz and Solid

XT-ESW™ (eXtra Tension)
estron has developed XT-ESW litz wires based on the increased demand for stronger and more production safe wires. Stronger wires is the ideal solution to challenges in relation to outsourcing of manufacturing and assembly, little space in instruments, and "moving parts".

XT-ESW wires are developed for highest performance. Almost twice as strong as ESW litz wires, yet still very flexible. Based on a silver-plated copper alloy wire, with polyurethane and nylon top coat. Ideal for applications where strength and space are a challenge. Increased tensile strength: up to 81% stronger than ESW. Bending test: 97% more flex life than ESW. Bending in solder joint: 115% better than ESW in durability.

- Silver plated copper alloy wires
- Double enamel, two different types of enamel
- Less corrosion, greatly improved reliability
- Available in Litz

SWH™ Small Wire Harness
SWH is made from litz wires, twisted together to small wire harnesses. With the unique construction of the twisted litz wires gathered in a "bunch", the SWH is much stronger and more stress resistant than individual litz wires. For more details, please see Small Wire Harness.

Short tinning
estron supplies the smallest possible consistent tinning. Short tinning will always be our recommended choice for applications requiring ultra-small solder-pads.

- Design smaller with small solder-pads and minimize risk for shorts
- Save time in the production lines with reduced mounting time
- Improve reliability, ready-to-use litz means no trimming, improved quality, less short-cuts


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