Celebrating 20 Years Anniversary

On December 19, 2014 it was exactly 20 years ago Allan Sørrig and Lars Elgård registered estron a/s.

estron has developed from being "just" the two owners in 1994 to an international company headquartered in Denmark with subsidiaries in China and Vietnam, approximately 170 employees and customers worldwide. We are proud of this achievement and thank all our loyal customers for the continued trust in our capabilities.

On December 18 we - all estron employees - decided to make a surprise for the two owners. We hijacked their time - and sent them on a 4 hour adventure where only we knew what the destination was. They look surprised, a bit worried, yet also very happy!


Equipped with lunch and something to drink we sent Allan and Lars with a taxi to a test center. We had arranged the great challenge it is to steer a Formula 1 car and Jet fighter - Simulation yes, easy no! Did they have fun? It seems like it!

Allan &Lars 20Years Racing

Bringing estron to what it is today and still with great enthusiasm and continuous search to always performing the best is quite an achievement. We are all proud to work with you!

Happy Anniversary estron - and particularly Allan and Lars!