Personal message from estron's two owners

Dear friends
We started our company, estron, 23 years ago. Just the two of us, an empty building and a container full of equipment for production of pickup-coils.

Though our ambitions were high, we could not imagine where estron would be today, 23 years later. We are proud to see a professional company with many loyal customers worldwide, production in three countries, more than 150 dedicated employees, more than 1000 standard products, many innovative standard and custom solutions, and not least, an international reputation which we could only have hoped for.

However, wanting to try new adventures, it is now time for us to try something outside estron. The transition, leaving our company in the hands of others, began already 6 years ago, when Kim N. Carlsen started as CEO. Kim is doing an excellent job, and we are confident, he will bring estron successfully into the future.

Further strengthening of our organisation

Fulfilling the transition, we will step out of daily operations, and thus, we recently made some organisational changes to further strengthening our organisation.

We have decided to bring all technology and development resources together in one department; "Product Development & Technology" headed by Carit Laursen, whom many of you have met already. Carit has many years' experience and strong skills within technology, development and innovation.

We have hired a new Sales & Marketing Director, Brian A. Munkgaard. Brian comes from a large international company, and we believe his strong management skills combined with a technical background will ensure you the best possible support. We will give you the opportunity to meet Brian as soon as possible and hope you will welcome him.

With last year's employment of Project Manager, Palle R. Soerensen, we now have the strongest management and project team to provide you the solutions you need. If you would like to get the overview of our new organisation, you are welcome to check it out.

To ensure the best transition for all parties, we will be working as consultants during 2017. We are still owners of estron a/s and we will still be part of the board, now as non-executive members.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all; customers, business partners, and colleagues, for 23 fantastic years. Without you we would not be where we are today. We wish you all the best success onwards, hopefully in close cooperation with estron.
Sincerely yours, Lars & Allan, owners of estron a/s

Them - Denmark, February 2017