A Merry Christmas to everyone

Wishing you all the best... with a glimpse of Danish Christmas traditions

The months of winter being dark and grey in Denmark, we always look forward to the lights of Christmas. That be candles or electric lights – inside and outside.

In almost every home and office in Denmark, you will find a Christmas calendar candle (“kalenderlys” in Danish). To celebrate the countdown to Christmas, a Christmas calendar candle printed with the numbers 1 through 24 are burned down a little bit every day. This is a tradition carried on through generations. Some go out in the forest to gather spruce branches, moss and berries to make the traditional decorations around the candle, some buy a complete Christmas candle decoration, and others again make a more modern version with other kind of Christmas decorations next to the candle.

We asked our colleagues to take a photo of their Christmas calendar candle to share with you. Here is just a few of them, and as you will see no decorations are the same, yet every one of them contribute to the Christmas joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please note, our office is closed from December 21st to January 1st both days included.

Best wishes from all of us at estron