Get the most reliable voice coils with
SF2-Litz speaker lead wires

The highest performance is only possible if you keep your lead wires and speakers stable even in extreme conditions. SF2-Litz speaker lead wires are THE safe choice for voice coil and speaker applications with focus on:

  • High power handling - high amplitude
  • Extremely flexible wiring
  • High durability
  • Low rub and buzz

At estron we have more than 25 years of know-how in design, development and manufacturing of litz wires, cables and connectors for industries which require the highest quality. This is your guarantee that our loudspeaker litz wires are high performance wires that performs under extreme conditions. The speaker lead wire is a critical element, ensuring that rub and buzz are minimised in the interface between the voice coil/cone and the terminal of the speaker driver. Temperature stability is essential to avoid burn out.


Shape flexibility beats other speaker lead wires

A careful selection and combination of material and design makes the SF2-Litz one of the finest and most flexible speaker lead wires in the market. With excellent flexibility characteristics, the SF2-Litz is easy to shape to ensure least possible stress of the coil, and thus secures the longest possible lifetime of the lead out wire, the voice coil, and of the speaker overall. The SF2-Litz is an advanced version of the original SF-Litz. This perfected speaker lead wire is greatly improved on parameters like durability and wear, outlasting traditional speaker leads and tinsel wires. The SF2-Litz is a more flexible yet perfectly reliable, alternative.

The estron SF2-Litz speaker lead wires are ideal for use in all drivers with high excursion requirements:

  • Wide frequency range tweeters
  • Small full-range drivers
  • Mid-range drivers