Communication Earpiece with Unparalleled Ergonomics and Discreet Design 

Experience enhanced communication solutions with es-Comm™. This revolutionary communication earpiece and security cable establish a new benchmark in comfort, discreetness, and sound quality. 

By seamlessly integrating our expertise in hearing and audio, our solutions redefine communication for security professionals, bodyguards, law enforcement, and anyone who requires the aesthetics of a surveillance earpiece coupled with the comfort for all-day wear and sound quality. 

ODM Partnership

Bringing experienced experts into play, estron offers development, design capabilities, and production.

Discreet Design

Ultra-thin fibre-reinforced cable from Ø0.9mm - near invisible, perfect for covert operations.

Ultimate wear comfort

Ergonomic, weightless, skin, and ear-friendly design. Ideal with glasses or under a helmet. 

Reliable audio quality

Mission-critical audio quality and reliability. Comfort and sound surpassing acoustic tubes.

Demanding applications

High tensile strength from 60N. Offering options from ultra-soft to ruggedized with IP67 protection.

Custom Plug & Play

estron provides an innovative concept, customisable from a selection of over 190 variants.

A Rugged and Reliable Communication Solution

For decades, estron has been a global leader, bringing life in connections all over the world and delivering cutting-edge solutions, renowned for their durability and compact design. With millions of es-Linum® cable-based Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) connectors, meticulously crafted with various plugs, materials, and shapes using our insert moulding expertise, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to excellence. Our history not only emphasises our capabilities but also establishes us as a trusted partner in the field.

Building on our experience and based on the distinctive lightweight, flexible, and skin-friendly es-Linum® cable, es-Comm is engineered for mission-critical performance. This covert earpiece cable concept provides customisable options to excel in various demanding scenarios.

Configuration Options – Selected from over 190 Variants

Cable options
- Mono, Dual/Stereo
- Length 8”, 22”, 50”
- Ultra-soft cable
- Colours: Transparent, black
- Braided sleeve - colours: Multiple
- Soft and braided combination

- With/without - Custom bend

- Ø6.0mm
- Open fit ear tips
- Interchangeable wax guard

Lightweight High-Tech Cable
- OD from 0.9mm/0.035”
- Pull strength from 60N (13lbs)

- Jack 3.5mm (logo option)
- Strain relief for high durability
- Data matrix for easy identification

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es-Comm encompasses a robust and dependable communication concept, ensuring clear and discreet user communication while maintaining situational awareness. Individual configuration options make it ideal for various surveillance equipment and security communication tools, including radio communications and two-way headsets, offering versatility with different ear moulds, earplugs, in-ear setups, and similar configurations.


TAA compliant (U.S. Trade Agreement Act), es-Comm is recognised as a designated country product. As a cabled security earpiece, it stands out as a superior alternative to acoustic tube earphone solutions, providing enhanced comfort for extended use. Supplied with a coil, the cable offers superior ergonomics compared to a coil tube. The cable coil is small, soft, and exceptionally flexible. es-Comm is discreet and almost invisible, outperforming traditional eartube solutions, delivering an almost wireless feel with clear and reliable audio transmission.

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What is the Difference between Acoustic Tube and Cabled Earpiece Solutions?

A cabled security in-ear solution is a superior alternative to acoustic tube earphones in comfort and audio quality. With the unique lightweight, flexible, and skin-friendly es-Linum® cables, estron offers to partners the most comfortable and covert ear plug solutions in the market. It feels almost wireless, is more comfortable and covert than other solutions including clear acoustic coil tubes. The estron communication earpiece minimises ear fatigue, it is the most comfortable for all-day use and with a reliable and clear audio transmission.

Next time you need a replacement for your acoustic tube with or without coil for your two-way radio headset or similar application, consider to partner with us for a cabled solution - to offer best possible comfort and sound to your customers.

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