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At estron, quality and service are essential parameters. Matching of expectations is a precondition for success. Therefore a constructive, honest and open dialogue with our customers before, during and after a project is crucial. Customer satisfaction is monitored closely - we strive to always improve customer satisfaction.

On this page you can find more information about:

Quality - ISO 9001 (2015)

AAA - Highest Creditworthiness

Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct



We are ISO 9001 (2015) certified. We believe in quality in everything we do and the way we do it. Our customers demand high quality products and solutions and this necessitates high quality standard in the development of products and high reliability in our processes.

Both manual and automated production is carried out at high yield. We keep process data for every production order for five years - and as for the production of cut/tinned wires, we also keep production samples for five years. In general, estron quality management builds on continuous improvement measures in which innovation, learning and quality go hand in hand.

We supply quality products in conformity with the agreement made with the individual customer. This is ensured through procedures that are continuously revised and updated. Product specifications are controlled in our Quality Control department.

All our products are REACH and RoHS compliant.



> ISO 9001 certificate (Denmark)
> ISO 9001 certificate (Vietnam)


AAA - Highest Creditworthiness

estron is "A company with an exceedingly strong ability to meet current payment obligations"

The rating is based on Dun & Bradstreets system rating performed by Bisnode in Denmark.

estron has shown a strong financial performance throughout all the years.



Corporate Social Responsibility

estron helps people improve their life quality by developing sustainable products to the hearing aid and medical industries.

  • Human rights
    estron supports and respects the protection of human rights and refrains from any actions that may encourage or contribute to infringement of these rights.
  • Labour rights
    estron strives to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. Safety and working environment conditions must at all times meet current legislation as a minimum. estron seeks to prevent and avoid occupational injuries and accidents and to limit absence due to illness among the employees. estron does not accept use of child labour.
  • Policy on anti-corruption
    estron neither accepts nor offers bribes in any form.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    estron strives to continuously limit our impact on the environment.


Code of Conduct

estron’s code of conduct is a set of rules, principles, and guidelines that outline the expected behaviour for individuals within the organisation. It is a set of ethical and moral standards that help prevent misunderstandings, conflicts, and inappropriate behaviour.

The following 15 guiding principles are a summary of the content of the Code of Conduct which all employees are required to follow:

  1. Enforce the corporate Code of Conduct
  2. Do not break any applicable laws or legal practices
  3. Do not be disloyal to estron
  4. Do not waste or give away estron funds
  5. Do not use estron funds for personal benefit
  6. Do not give estron confidential information away
  7. Protect estron proprietary information
  8. Respect other entities/companies’ proprietary information
  9. Do not offer bribes
  10. Do not accept bribes
  11. Respect estron customers and partners
  12. Do not do business with relatives or close friends
  13. Compete fairly and lawfully
  14. Do not use suppliers who use slave or child workers
  15. Respect the basic human rights of employees