The New T2 Socket DS is now in production

The estron T2 Socket DS (Dual Spring) which was released in November is now in production. The new robust socket brings the estron T2 Connector System up in a league of its own with the potential to be a new standard 2 pole earphone connector system with an IP67 rating.


The main ideas behind the entire T2 Connector System are ease of use and to minimise wear on the connector system to avoid earphone claims and repairs.

The T2 Socket DS is designed for durability and reliability. The grip is designed with an eagle talon in mind. Four robust connection points will grab the plug again and again, and after 10,000 insertions still maintain a solid connection: No intermittence, stable pull force and consistent tactility.

Best Long-term Performance

  • No intermittence even with heavy use – documented beyond 10,000 cycles
  • Stable pull force even after 10,000 cycles
  • Consistent tactility after 10,000 cycles
  • Minimal wear of socket, to minimise earphone claims and repairs
  • Long durability and reliability

Manufacturing and Backwards Compatibility

To ensure best long-term reliability, the socket it is marginally bigger than the existing T2 Socket 2Spring, yet still designed for easy product integration. Four small wings are designed to keep the socket in place. The plug interface is the same. Earphones with the T2 Socket DS can be used with all detachable cables using the estron T2 Plug.

Existing T2 Socket 2Spring

estron will continue to supply the T2 Socket 2Spring, yet recommends the new T2 Socket DS due to an improved long-term performance and consistency.


For more information, check the T2 product page.


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March 1, 2021