New Linum cable designs for earphones

From invisible to eye-catching

Introducing Linum UltraBaX and Linum DualBaX in Zebra versions - New construction, twist, and colour options. 

Since the introduction in 2013 Linum earphone cables have primarily been known for how extremely thin they are, the comfort they provide in use, and the pure sound experience.

“Think Thin, Then Think Thinner”, “Ergonomic perfection”, “… so comfy they nearly disappear”, and we could go on with all the nice feedback we have received from Linum users worldwide.

With different unique designs in 2023 we bring the Linum cable programme into a new league. We have been playing with the design, mixing transparent and black cables, and twisting the cables in new ways. The cables are exquisite, eye-catching, seem more robust to the eye, and still provide great ergonomics.

With their MACH series, Westone Audio already introduced the Linum UltraBaX in 2022 in a black version. It is now available in the Zebra version.

The DualBaX is the newest Linum version just introduced.

For more details on the new cable versions check the website – Linum UltraBaXLinum DualBaX. The variations are many, and available upon request.

For more details on the standard and custom detachable and upgrade cable solutions we provide, please check the IEM cables product page.