Onkyo CIEMs now with T2 Connector System

April 3, 2020, Onkyo Corporation announced that they will adopt the T2 Connector System Full-scale in their Custom IEM series.

Onkyo emphasises the importance of a high-quality connection, where strength of the system, pull force stability, and sweat and water resistance are just some of the essential parameters for a reliable sound transmission.

At estron, we are proud that we can contribute with a solution for Onkyo to present the best possible CIEM setup to their customers.

>> カスタムインイヤーモニターのコネクタに エストロン社製 T2 コネクタ本格採用のお知らせ (Onkyo Japan website, Press release in Japanese)

>> Full-scale adoption of the estron T2 Connector System in Custom In-Ear Monitors (Onkyo Global website, Press release in English)

If you want to know more about the estron T2 Connector System, check it out here.