estron has developed XT-ESW litz wires based on the increased demand for stronger and more production safe wires. Stronger wires are the ideal solution to challenges in relation to outsourcing of manufacturing and assembly, little space in instruments, and "moving parts".

  • Higher yield performance
    Lower rejection rate from production due to wire breakage
  • Fewer claims from market
    Fewer returned instruments from the market due to high reliability wires
  • Cost-savings
    Fewer claims. High durability wires contribute to longer lasting products

XT-ESW wires are developed for highest performance. Almost twice as strong as ESW litz wires, yet still very flexible. Based on a silver-plated copper alloy wire, with polyurethane and nylon top coat. Ideal for applications where strength and space are a challenge.

  • Silver plated copper alloy wires
  • Double enamel, polyurethane and nylon
  • Less corrosion, greatly improved reliability
  • Available in Litz

“Stronger wires mean fewer claims”

“XT-ESW wires stand significantly more wire bending before breakage. Soldering strength is clearly improved, a great advantage in mounting processes with extensive manual handling of components.”



Material: Silver-plated copper alloy wire

Design: Available in selected designs

Colours: Available in red, green, yellow

Length: Available in several lengths (6mm - 40mm)

Compliance: RoHS, REACH

Short tinning: Available upon request



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