Innovative Miniature Connector System


The T2™ is the most innovative micro connector type developed in years. The T2 concept is developed based on an extensive experience of almost 30 years working with miniature connections for the hearing and medical device industry. The design is typically Danish which is famous for combining simplicity and functionalism. This has resulted in a low profile and super strong connector designed with longest product lifetime in mind. 

The connector system was first introduced and validated in the medical industry, where it is used in cochlear applications. Today the T2 connector system is also used for earphones, in ear monitors and earpieces for e.g. audio, broadcasting, and motorsports. 

The T2™ Connector System can be supplied as a socket - plug system alone, socket with the Linum® T2 detachable earphone cable or in application with the es-Linum® high tech cable, which can be delivered in different configurations cut, stripped, tinned. 

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