Achieve Optimal Connections

Cable and socket problems are the most common points of failure for an in-ear monitor. The patented estron T2™ Connector System is for IEM and earphone producers who want reliable and robust connections in a minimalistic design.


High Durability

Crafted like a talon the plug is grabbed at insertion and after 10,000 insertions still maintains a solid connection.


No Intermittence

The system is resilient to intermittence even after heavy use. 


Minimal Socket Wear

Focal point of the T2 Connector System is minimum wear on the socket ensuring extended product lifetime for IEMs.


Stable Pull Force

Made with a dual double leafed spring system to stabilise the variation of pull force. Minimum 3N after 10,000 cycles.


IP-67 Proof

The construction and the silicone gasket combined forms a sealed connector system. Tested according to IP-67. 


Demanding Applications

Tested and approved for the medical industry, the robustness and reliability of the connector system is well documented.



estron T2 connector system in action 

“The T2 plug-system has brought our products to a new level. Previously, the small models had a fixed cable because all previously available plugs were too large. Only with this small and reliable system was it possible for us to equip all our products with the same plug system. The new DS version brings yet another significant improvement. It is a real pleasure!” –– HEAROS In Ears

“We prefer the T2 connector system because the number of repairs relating to the T2 interface is nothing compared to other connector systems” –– Onkyo





Chosen and Trusted by the Best References 

“Our design parameters were simple: We needed a cable and socket system that was sweatproof, weatherproof, lightweight, wardrobe-friendly, comfortable, ridiculously strong and capable of high-resolution audio reproduction” –– ULTIMATE EARS



The estron T2 Connector System is designed for in ear monitors, earphones with detachable cables and other similar applications - also used for security, military, motor sports, and industry. 



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